Xbox One To Cost $499 as Pre-Orders Begin

While the world was glued to the WWDC and the announcement of iOS 7, Microsoft set out out the price and the estimated time of arrival of it’s new console for gaming. The XBox One which was announced a couple of weeks earlier has been slated to be released sometime in November in a total of 21 countries. The preorders of the Console have begun and you can order using the official Microsoft page here.

XBox One preorder


It is worth mentioning though that XBox One has not generated the sort of interest that Microsoft has initially thought it would largely due to various restrictions that Microsoft has put on it such as regarding using used game CD’s and need to connect once every 24 hour to the internet.

The $499 would bring you the Console, Controller, Kinect as well as a 14 day trial of the Xbox Live Gold Membership. Not just this, if you do preorder the Xbox One you might stand a chance at picking some of the exclusive goodies such as an exclusive controller or even a bundle of games, in case Microsoft decides to make the users happy. Not just this, you can also pick the chat headset separately as well as XBox One Play and Charge kits.

Via: The Verge

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