Xendo is a Chrome Extension that lets you Search All Your Cloud Accounts

In the modern era, where applications have become ever so dominating, it has become next to impossible to keep track of which file you have stored where. And that is why, when it comes to looking for that file so that we can go back and locate it just in case we need to make a change, it becomes a major problem. This is where Xendo comes in really helpful.


What the extension basically does is that it plugs in it the 30 most commonly used cloud-based services that you may be using over and over again and gives you one dashboard to look for your files right there within it. Not just can you can you look for the file names but also for the content that is included within those files. For example, if you have plugged in your Evernote account, you can go ahead and search for the notes that you may have saved within Evernote and look for them in the dashboard. Some of the popular services that the extension lets you bring under one roof are: Dropbox, Slack, Pocket, Yammer, Hipchat, Asana etc.

You can go ahead and install the Xendo extension for Chrome on your computer here.

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