Xiaomi Announces the Mi Band 1S with Heart Rate Monitor

Xiaomi played a typical disrupting the market card when it announced the Mi Band early last year. The inexpensive fitness tracker is able to track your steps, calories burnt as well as sleep tracking. All of this was available at a price of about Rs 1000, which is by far and away the lowest when it comes to any reliable fitness tracker around. Several other players like Yu tried to enter the market at the same price, but were never able to match up to the accuracy of Xiaomi.

Mi band 1s

However, with the inexpensive Mi Band, with no display, the challenge always was for its successor and what will Xiaomi do in order to take the game to the next level. We now have the answer in the form of the Mi Band 1S which is everything that the Mi Band is and more. The addition here is a heart rate sensor that has been built on the underside of the tracker capsule. The new tracker is slightly heavier, by about half a gram and slightly thicker by about .9 mm. This is why you would not be able to use your current bands with the Mi Band 1S.

The battery and the IP rating of the new Mi Band 1S are the same as the previous ones but we presume that the new feature of heart rate sensor will take a substantial juice out of the battery and shortening the 30-day life. The band is available for just a shade under $16, which would give it an Indian price of Rs 1056.

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