Xiaomi Announces the Mi4i in 32 GB Variant in India

Xiaomi has announced its first present for its followers as it prepares to turn 1 in India. The Chinese giants have enjoyed a bit of a cult success in India with a massive following. Right from the Mi3 which was a hit, to the likes of RedMi Note, Mi4 to the recently announced Mi4i, the company has definitely tickled the decision making of anyone who is looking to pick up a new smartphone.

Mi4i- 32 GB

Xiaomi has today announced that its popular device, the Mi4i, which is popularly known as the Mi for India will now be selling in the new 32 GB variant. The device will be available directly from Mi’s India website via a flash sale model, which will see the registration open right away for a sale to be held on July 28th.

The device will be priced at Rs 14,999 which is just Rs 1,000 more than the base 16 GB version that was announced. interestingly, this is the first Mi device with 32 GB storage in India with the preference always being with the 16 GB or a 64 GB version. The configuration, other than the internal memory remains the same for the Mi4i, including a 5 inch full HD panel, Snapdragon 615 SoC, 2 GB of RAM as well as 13 MP camera with support available for Dual SIMs.

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