Xiaomi India Promises to ReFlash your device with Factory OS if you Brick it while flashing a custom ROM

In what was one of the most honest chats with a representative of a major tech giant, Hugo Barra of Xiaomi Global gave us some very interesting insights. Xiaomi has just started the operations in India and had just announced the first three products in India in a launch at Delhi on 15th. The three devices mentioned are the Xiaomi Mi3 for Rs 13,999, Xiaomi RedMi Note for Rs 9,999 and Xiaomi RedMi 1s for Rs 6,999. Xiaomi will also be bringing the power banks as well as a host of accessories including the backshells and charms in the future.

Xiaomi Mi3 Front

The best bit to come out of our meeting with Hugo Barra was how excited he was about working with the developer community of the MiUI. He made it a clear that they would be supporting the developer community in all ways possible. The Xiaomi devices will come with bootloaders unlocked to enable development. Xiaomi will also make the ROMs available, though source code would not be released.

Hugo also announced that if in case you brick your Xiaomi phone while trying to flash a ROM or a file on it, you can take the device to the service center and they will flash the factory OS image free of cost. The thought behind that was that it is a consumer’s device and he should be free to do whatever he feels is right for him. Though a subtle move, but this news is definitely a first to come from a major Android OEM and would be a sweet ring to the ears of Android lovers.

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