Xiaomi Mi 4C to Come in a New Orange Packaging and Sport Snapdragon 808 SoC

Xiaomi is set to bring the third iteration to its Mi 4 lineup of devices in an event to be held tomorrow in China. The Mi 4C, comes in after the likes of Mi 4 and Mi4i were released already. The Mi 4i largely stood for Mi 4 India, so it is being guessed that by the same logic that, Mi 4c would be Mi 4 China, perhaps indicating that the phone would be an exclusive for the Chinese market. While the Mi 4i was an improvement in several departments on the Mi 4, where the phone really took the beating was performance thanks to a rather averagely powered Snapdragon 615.


This is precisely the concern that Mi 4C is aiming to solve. The phone will be powered by Snapdragon 808 which is a more capable processor than the Snapdragon 615 that came in the Mi 4i. The information was revealed on Weibo where the co-founders of Xiaomi, Li Nan and Lei Jun posted a few updates teasing the device. The phone is also expected to come in the dual SIM configuration that the Mi 4i comes with support for LTE on both the SIM slots.

It was also pretty much confirmed on Weibo that the Mi 4c will be first phone where Xiaomi will ditch its usual cardboard box packing for a more vibrant orange color retail box. On the software front, the phone will bring double tap to standby mode, something close to the double tap to sleep option we saw on several Nokia and LG devices.

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