Xiaomi Mi4 64 GB Variant will be Available in India from February 24th

When Xiaomi announced the Mi4 in India, the device was greeted with plenty of jeers. These were not for the device or the OEM per say, but mainly cause the people were generally upset that Xiaomi did not bring the higher storage capacity variant, which is the 64 GB One to the market. Given the large size of the ROMs on the modern day Android smartphones, a 16 GB phone generally leaves the user with barely about 11 GB to play with and that is never enough. Add to the fact that the Mi4 has no expandable storage and you understand why the people were not generally too happy about the way things panned out.


However, Xiaomi did promise to bring the Mi4 in the 64 GB variant to India and it looks like they have once again delivered on their commitment. The 64 GB variant will be available starting on February 24th in India and will set you back by about Rs 23,999 which is about Rs 4,000 more than the 16 GB variant. It is in stark contrast that the difference between the two models of the Mi4 and the iPhone 6 Plus, where you need to pay Rs 10,000 more for multiplying your storage by 4.

The device despite the bumped storage will still be a 3G variant only and will be available only in white color. You will be able to register for the sale of the same soon on Flipkart.

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