Xiaomi Mi4i Goes for General Sale in India

It was only last month that Xiaomi was putting up artwork on their social media sites claiming to have sold x number of Mi4i devices in y number of seconds, like it has become a practise for most of the brands that are pursuing the flash sale model. However, it looks like even incredible specs at a real good price point have not been enough to convince the people of the Mi4i, which is a slightly downgraded version of the original Mi4. As a result combined with the new launch on the horizon, Xiaomi has decided to bring the Mi4i out of the flash sale and make it available at any time, over on Flipkart, Amazon and its own site.


There have also been rumours doing rounds that the device will also ditch its present configuration which sees the Snapdragon 615 at the heart of it for a more able Snapdragon 808. The reason for the change has been the inability of Sandragon 615 to stand up and deliver quality performance when it comes to gaming and other intensive tasks. Although to make up for it, Xiaomi did introduce an update which helped things strut along better, it is being guessed that they are looking for a more permanent solution.

It would be interesting to see whether the general sale specifically has been put up out there to get rid of the older 615 models, and if Xiaomi does go back to flash sales in case a 808 version is launched.

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