Xiaomi Offers all the Mi3 Users in India a Micro SIM Tray

They may have discontinued selling the Xiaomi Mi3 in India for the time being, but it does not take away the fact, that when available, it was one of the hottest selling smartphones in India. As somebody who owns the device, i could not have been happier with the overall performance of the smartphone and have been rocking it alongside my HTC One M8 and iPhone 5s without ever feeling any sort of inferiority when compared to the blazing performances of the other two, generally speaking.

Mi Details

Continuing with their objective of building relationships and keeping their customers happy, Xiaomi is offering a free Micro SIM tray for everyone who purchased the Mi3 in India. You would remember that the Mi3 comes with a SIM tray that requires a full SIM, and that was pretty odd given that we live in an era where Micro and Nano SIMS dominate. As a result, most of us had to resort to SIM adaptors or even go pick up a new SIM card.

However, now, you can easily redeem a SIM tray from Xiaomi that will allow you to insert your micro SIM card to the device without an issue. All you need to do is, head over to the page here and enter in your order details of the Mi3 and once the verification is done, you will be delivered the new SIM tray in 14 days. While, it may seem a small gesture, we feel it is things like these and such attention to details, albeit very late, that keeps a sense of loyalty towards the brand.

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