Xiaomi Set to Announce a new Flagship Device on January 15th in China

Slim is definitely in. We have seen the likes of Gionee, Vivo as well as Oppo, come up with phones that are thin enough to be considered a part of a 100 page notebook. While none of these phones have got the specifications or performances they all do have looks that could easily be a head turner.

Mi4s teaser

Xiaomi, fondly called the ‘Apple of China’ is set to follow the new trend of slim and announce its latest flagship device on January 15th in China. The device is most likely to be called either the Mi5 or the Mi4s. Our guess is towards the latter, simply because Xiaomi has not even begun the global roll out of the Mi4 to countries like India, which would send the company a couple of flagships behind in the market that they consider to be very important.

Lei Jun on the company’s official Weibo page said, “There’s no better way to start 2015 than with our newest products”.

The teaser image, that has been posted shows a hand which is holding an invisible thin object, most likely alluding to the profile of the phone. It is rumored that the device will have a 5.7 inch display with a 2K display and a Snapdragon 810 SoC at the heart of it. It is expected that the rear camera on the device would be 20.7 MP and would also have a fingerprint scanner. The new Mi device will have 3 GB of RAM and options for ROM would be 16 GB and 64 GB. The expected price of the device is around Rs 32,000.

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