Xiaomi will sell 20,000 units in a Flash Sale on August 12th

A lot has been made out of the numbers as well as the flash sale model of Xiaomi in India. The company has so far held three sale dates and the devices have sold out faster than most have anticipated, leaving a bad taste in the mouth of those who have not been able to procure the phone. The most recent sale saw 15,000 Xiaomi Mi3 being sold out within 2 seconds, as the company claimed.

Xiaomi Mi 3 flash sale

Since then, Xiaomi has apologised for underestimating the demands in the Indian market and have also said they misread the business mindset in India as they calculated the demand based on the internet likes on Xiaomi web page, but in reality the WOM totally defeated this calculation. As a result Xiaomi is working hard in fulfilling the demands of the Indian market and will be scaling the production efforts up.

The very first effort is that the next flash sale will have 5,000 extra units of the Mi3, meaning that a total of 20,000 units will go on sale on August 12th on Flipkart. Our advice to our reader would be to be logged into Flipkart at least 5 minutes before the sale goes live and add the product immediately to the bucket and decide the payment to go through with it later. With over 75,000 registrations already done, there are bound to be a lot of disappointed faces come the end of the sale, and we only hope that Xiaomi will be be able to meet the demands sooner rather than later when people have already moved on to the next best thing.

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