Xiaomi’s MIUI to get an Update to MIUI 7 in August 2015?

A major hook to people buying Xiaomi phones, other than extremely competitive pricing and fantastic specifications was the fact that their phones always were up to date with the latest and greatest features as well as Android versions. This was very much true till about Android Kitkat release, post which it has been almost a year that Xiaomi has not updated its product line with a newer Android version. We have seen all the major OEMs embrace the Android l update at least on their flagship products if not on the entire line which means that Xiaomi has lagged behind in the version game.


To their justification, Xiaomi has always maintained that most of the lollipop features are already a part of MIUI 6 so they have taken their own sweet time with the update rolling. However, with Android M already official and set for a public release in the coming months, the pressure has been fairly intense on the team of Mi to release Android l for their devices.

The wish is just about set to be granted with MIUI 7 just around the corner. The latest iteration to MIUI is set to be built upon Android Lollipop 5.1 which would bring some of the missing features like colored status bars, animations and general smoothness of Android 5.1. According to a report in MyDrivers it has been reported that on August 16th will be the date when the update will be announced. There is no clear indication on whether the update will start rolling out on the same day, but in most likely circumstances that will not happen. It is also interesting to note that it was on August 16th 2014 when Xiaomi had announced the MIUI 6 update which pretty much points out towards an annual release cycle for software updates.

It is not clear what will be the features of MIUI 7 or whether it will indeed be that big an update, as barely any screenshots of the same have made it online yet. It is not clear whether the update will be rolled out for all the devices in the current lineup or not. Guess, we will have to wait till the middle of August to find that out.

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