Xtravo is Windows Browser With Many Impressive Features

Xtravo is a browser for Windows that has a ton of many new and impressive features that could possibly attract the attention of users. Xtravo is fast and reliable and is light on your computer.


Getting started with Xtravo is easy. The homepage of Xtravo is set to the Jawoco search engine that will search for your files and display results with relevance to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  So you are always connected to your friends. You can change the homepage by going to the tools menu on the browser. The interface of the Xtravo browser is simple and easy to use with its multi-tabbed interface. Open new tabs easily and open as many tabs as you want without compromising on the performance.

jawoco search

You can select your homepage from a variety of search engines in the tools menu. The search engines like Bing, Jawoco, Google, Yahoo!, Ask etc. are preset on the browser. If you want, you can even set any other page as your homepage from the tools menu.

One of the unique features of Xtravo is that by registering to the website and downloading their OS which works from Windows, you get 60 Gb of Cloud space for free. This feature is quite unique in the fact that no other website or application offers so much of space on the Cloud.

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