Yahoo Messenger is Back! And its Redesigned to meet the Modern Trends

If you used the internet in the 90s, then chances are Yahoo Messenger still sends your heart racing. We have all been a part of that shady chatroom, or spoken to that one stranger we can still recall on what was probably the first popular IM service at the time. Taking the lead of Yahoo, the likes of MSN messenger, AOL and later on the likes of Whatsapp, Hike and Telegram became popular making Yahoo a bit of a forgotten legend.

Yahoo Messenger

However, true legends do no die down and Yahoo Messenger is back and better than ever. Not only is the messenger redesigned, but also works across all the platforms so that anybody is able to use it. It also brings with it several tricks of the modern trade, the ability to un-send messages, share GIFs as well as some really cool features in Group Chats. The new Messenger has interesting integration with other Yahoo services such as Tumblr and Flickr, where you can search for unlimited GIFs right from within the app as well as share unlimited images from Flickr to the entire group. The app also works offline, where you can simply send the messages without a worry even if there is no internet but the messages are sent away when the contact or you is online then. Pretty much like every other IM service out there.

Like always, Yahoo Messenger is free to use, you can go ahead and download the latest version of Yahoo Messenger from their website here.

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