Yogile Makes Photo Sharing and Collection Easy

Let’s say you attended some event or party. People at the party took lots of photos of the entire event. You want all those photos but you can’t go to everyone’s place one by one and ask for photographs. What shall you do?

The answer of this question is Yogile. It is a simple web based service by which user can upload pictures and share them to anyone. Also users can send a unique URL to non Yogile user which allows them to upload images.

Here I am going to explain how easy it is to use this tool to collect all the photographs from your friends by just sending them a URL. Uploading images is a very simple process.

Sign Up

First go to the website and enter your email address, choose the login password and the album password (choose a simple password) and click on the “Sign Up For Free!” button. After signing up you can upload images and share them to anyone.


Changing Album URL and email address

After signup, you’ll be provided by an email address and a unique URL. The provided email address looks very weird (random text). You can change it anytime you want. To change the email ID you need to click on the email link.


A new page will pop up on the screen. Change the Album address to address of your choice. For example, to make it simple I selected abcdef as an address. You can choose your name or anything you want. Therefore the new address is abcdef@yogile.com and Album URL is www.yougile.com/abcdef.


Uploading Photos

Now share this email address or URL to your friends and request them to share the photo. When your friend will open the URL on the browser, he will get a page as shown in below screenshot.

He can click on “Choose Photo” button to select the photos from his PC. Also at the same time multiple photos can be selected by holding “Ctrl” or ”Shift” keys.

The other way of uploading photo is to send it via email. Anyone can send an email to abcdef@yogile.com and the photos will be uploaded to your Yogile account. Cool, isn’t it. If you applied the password to the photo album then don’t forget to share your album password with your friends along with URL and email.

It sends you email notification when someone upload a photo to your album. The notifications can be turned off anytime.


After user will upload the photo, he can see it in a nice inbuilt web interface. User can switch to small, medium or full size interface with the help of buttons given at the top. Also the photos can be rotated or downloaded with the help of available button on top left (inside the image).


Share Photo Albums

Also users can share their photos by sending the Yogile URL or by clicking the share button. It will ask you to enter your name and email IDs of your friends to whom you want to share the photos.



This tool is free to use but it comes with 100MB per month upload limit. You can buy a pro version that comes at $24.5 for one year. With pro version you can upload unlimited photos.

Overall this tool is a nice alternative of photo sharing sites such as Flickr and Picasa. With ease of use and great user interface this site is definitely worth a try. Uploading photos via email or MMS and downloading them easily with the help of provided buttons are its key features. I wish it could provide some more space (500MB at least) for those who love uploading photos frequently.

Check out Yogile to easily upload, share and collect photographs.

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