Yoono Desktop: Access All Social Networking Sites With one App

If you are the kind of person who likes having accounts on any new social networking site that comes up, then you will want this app. Yoono Desktop allows users to access their social networking sites on one single window. You can register on any number of networking sites as you want and can then access them. It has simple user friendly interface allows for easy access to their favorite websites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc. so they will never miss a notification ever.


Once installed, Yoono can give you access to almost all the social networking sites that are in use today and also updates the app if anything new comes up. The interface is easy to use. Just click on the website you want to access, login from the Yoono window and allow it to access your webpage.

yoono login

It allows you to access all of your social networking sites all at once. There is a column view option where you can view all your open social networking websites together in separate columns. You can write on people’s walls, post pictures and tweet all at once. You can select the column you want to view and all the latest updates will appear on the left side of your screen and you can scroll down to view those updates without interfering with the other columns.

It is a nice app to have on your desktop if you want all your social networking sites available to you together and in one place.

Download Yoono Desktop.

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