You Can Finally Access Multiple Instagram Accounts From the Official App

Many of us have several Instagram accounts. Our personal account and sometimes the account of our organisation, alias or just another venture. At this time, in order to maintain the other account, either we need to resort to having another device or simply log out and log in every time with the new credentials. This is a very tedious process and can be highly irritating too. Just like Twitter, it was suggested a while ago that Instagram would bring support for multiple accounts, where you can simply log into several accounts at a time and juggle between them.


The feature has now gone live and is rolling out for users after Instagram made it official. You will be able to log into several accounts and flip them at the click of a button. At present, Instagram has made it possible only to add five accounts, so you can simply go into your existing profile and add up to four more. The feature is rolling out both for Android and iOS users so there is no worry if you are on one platform and not the other.

Instagram will be rolling out the update in an updated version of the app. The version to get the support for multiple account login is 7.15 and is already available as an OTA if you have the app installed.

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