You can get Some Amazing Cashbacks on Apple Watch via Paytm

Wearables as a market in India is yet to fully take off. You would not see too many people with a smartwatch adorned on their wrists. While most of the people are aware of the likes of Apple Watch or even the Motorola Moto 360, other than some real geeks, you will not really find too many people interested in wearing a smartwatch or kind of a smart wear. We have seen some of the fitness trackers being popular in the land and largely that is to do with their lower prices and nothing more. Xiaomi Mi band is a fine example.

Apple Watch

While not officially but following the success story of Xiaomi of making things affordable, Paytm is offering some very interesting cashback on the Apple Watch, arguably the most popular smartwatch that is available in town. There is a Rs 7,000 cashback on the 38 mm gray Sport model which was announced originally for a price of Rs 30,999 in India while all the other high-end models, including the 42 mm Sport and Apple Watch Edition, are carrying varying cash back, right from rs 7,000 all the way up to Rs 10,000. One word of caution though, if you are looking to pick one of the these up, do make sure that the cashback are offered on MRP of the watches, we did come across some deals where the prices of the watches have been increased and cashback only brings the value down to the retail value. Also, these offers are clearly not from Apple, nor has there been any official price cut, so the deal may not last forever.

This means that the effective cost of the Sport Edition of the 38 mm Apple Watch would be Rs 23,999 down from 30,999 if you buy it off PayTM. The cashback money, as always, will be transferred to your PayTM Wallet account.

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