You Can Now Record Games on your Android Phones if you are in the US or UK

Youtube announced the Youtube Gaming a while ago which basically allows users to upload their gaming videos online and either boast or seek help from the others when playing games online. However, so far you were able to only record games that were being played on the desktops, consoles or laptops and upload their gameplay directly to Youtube gaming. However, it was a little difficult recording games on the mobile unless you really knew of Youtube Gaming and its mobile app.

Record games

Owing to this, Google has now started rolling out The Play Games app which would allow you to enable recording gameplay when you are playing on your Android phones. You can record the gameplay in 480 or 720 P so far once you have the application. The catch here is that the application is available and mostly likely to stay exclusive for a while only to the US and UK. The procedure to record the game is really simple, all you need to do is go to the Play Games app, find the game that you wish to record and click on the Record button. You can also record yourself from the front-facing camera and microphone and would be automatically fitted into the video at the left far corner. Once you are done playing the game there is a basic editor inbuilt in the app too, which would allow you to edit the video and put everything together.

via: Android Police

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