You can Sign Up for Facebook Messenger Without the need of an E-Mail or FB Account

Facebook has been pretty adamant that Facebook Messenger is an independent service when compared to facebook. That is why, Messenger is being treated as a platform more than anything else post the announcement at F8. Since then several apps have come up which have used Messenger as a platform and while Facebook looks to create it as an independent entity, it is looking to totally cut any common chords that the app would have even with the parent that is Facebook. It does look like the kid has finally grown up enough to go its own route, as starting today, you will be able to sign up for Facebook Messenger without the need of a Facebook account or an E-Mail ID.

Facebook Messenger

You simply will be needing your mobile number to use Messenger, a bit like how it is done on Whatsapp. You will obviously not be able to sync your Facebook contacts and their pictures unless you connect your Facebook account, but will be able to connect to the people who are on your phonebook. Facebook said the following in their blog post:

With Messenger, we’ve been focused on creating the best messaging experience possible by giving people a fun and easy way to connect and express themselves with friends and contacts. If you’re in Canada, the United States, Peru or Venezuela, we are starting to roll out a new way for you to sign up for Messenger – without a Facebook account

Currently, only users from US, Canada, Venezuela and Peru will be able to use the feature which will come, both to Android as well as iOS.

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