YouTube Adds Support for 360 Degree Videos for VR

Imagine you are in the confined spaces of your house and want to be a part of the Metallica concert happening in the long far part of Europe, while most of us can enjoy by watching a Youtube video simply on the screen, you can actually live the moment thanks to a whole 360 degree view support that Youtube has added.

With this new feature, you will be able to enjoy a full field of view for those who are using things like Virtual Reality cardboards or even more complicated and advanced technologies such as Oculus Rift. The feature will be enabled within the application on Youtube, though it will support only select few videos for now with support for more on the way.

The service for now is not available for the iOS version of Youtube application, so those on the iPhone will have to do it via the browser in case they wish to enjoy a full 360 degree view of the latest sports or musical gathering. The feature is already enabled on for Android devices, and the application will automatically conclude the position of your smartphone and, therefore will provide an experience in conjunction with the orientation of your device. We have embedded a video above which would serve as a decent example for you to check out the experience if you do have a VR headset.

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