Youtube Adds Trending Videos to the Mobile App Among other UI Changes

It is year end and Youtube, as expected is bringing a host of new things to both, their web and Android mobile app. While the web has got a new Trending Videos tab to allow you to see the cool videos that everyone in your region is watching and sharing, the mobile application in addition to the same has also got a couple of new features. You will now be able to tell how much of your video has buffered in percentage and the app will also notify you when it is completed buffering your videos so that you can see it completely. It is worth mentioning that trending videos on Youtube will be region specific and not specific to your subscriptions. However, what you can change is the genre that is being played.

Youtube trending

The trending video tab is very much like what we have seen previously at the end of the year from Google on Youtube. It lives in between the Home and Subscription tab on the top. While the mobile app, you will need to ensure that you have the latest update to be able to enjoy the trending videos. The icon lives in between the home, Subscribed and your Profile icon on the top bar on Android app. The other two features that give you the buffering percentage and an alert of completion are also present post the update.

We have not been able to find any other new feature in the application, at least as of now. If you do, make sure you drop us a word on the same by commenting in the section below.

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