YouTube Application Set to Receive new Filters

XDA Developers has uncovered a few strings from the latest release of the Youtube application that points towards some new filters coming in. So far, it is absolutely clear that the application of YouTube really lags behind the desktop experience. There are plenty of things you can do on the desktop that you still cannot do on the app. This is a bit of a surprise especially as people today are more likely to consume content on their smartphone using an application rather than firing up their desktops for a five-minute video.


According to the line of code obtained, users will be able to now sort the video not just by the date and duration but also by the relevance, view count and ratings. The new feature on the app is most likely to be rolled out sometime very soon on Android, especially as the iOS version of the YouTube app already has these filters. It is surprising that Android version of the app still misses out on them, but hopefully by the beginning of next month, it will be taken care of.

Google is making a ton of efforts to make the experience on YouTube app really mobile without missing out on features. We have already heard plans to bring new ad formats on mobile to prevent the sort of fall offs that happen when users are not interested in playing long format ads.

Via: XDA

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