YouTube Capture For iPhone Lets You Upload Your Videos Directly To Youtube

Sharing images with friends has become extremely easy with the help of smart phones. You can whatsapp them, tweet them or simply use the age old Multimedia message. However, if you wanted to share a video, it is still a little difficult. Even though Whatsapp is a realistic option, what if you want the video to be in higher quality. Youtube has definitely become a hub and the largest collection of videos online. Yet to be able to upload a video on Youtube in order to share it with your friends you had to import the video to your desktop and from there upload it to the web site. However, if you own an iPhone or iPod touch now, things got a whole lot easier.

youtube upload

Google has released an application called Youtube Capture that enables you to upload the video you have just recorded from the camera on your device straight to Youtube. The application allows you very basic editing too such as things like changing the lighting etc. Sharing videos has thus become so much more easier now especially given that just about everyone these days either has an iPod touch or an iPhone. You can also add stabilization and add background music to the video while editing it. There are also rumors that an Android version of the application is very soon to hit the Google Play Store. But till that happens, you can sure enough enjoy uploading the videos directly using your iPhones.

There is also extensive sharing possible as after uploading the video you can share it across your social network with the help of Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus just the way you would do from your desktop. Do share with us the videos you uploaded with with wonderful application by providing the link in the section below.

Via: TechnoBuffalo

Download Link: Apple Store

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