Youtube for iOS Devices Brings Support for Vertical Playback and Notifications

The official Youtube app for iOS is still the perfect app to go to when it comes to viewing videos form Youtube. While the likes of jasmine did interest us for a while, we always ended up going back to the official app primarily because of the stability that it provided. However, one of the major fall backs of the official Youtube app on iOS and Android a while ago was the fact that it did not play the vertical videos very well. the videos that were shot in portrait mode ran in a box like format which lead to a bad user experience. Youtube had fixed this issue on Android very recently and finally the same has been done for iOS application as well.

New Youtube App Update

After you have installed the update you will be able to run the Youtube application on your iPhone 6 and be able to see the videos on the app play perfectly full screen if they have been shot in the portrait mode, given the device is in portrait mode too. The videos will still play in the box format when it comes to the playback in landscape mode. Not just this minor upgrade, the new update also brings with it ability to send you notifications from your favourite channel creators as and when their videos go up, just like it has been on Android for a good while. No more will you miss out on videos on youtube anymore.

This feature is also automatically triggered when you subscribe yourself to a new video. The update for Youtube app is available OTA so you just need to go to the App Store on your device and click on the update to get all these new features. A similar OTA is available for Android for you to play videos in portrait mode, full screen on Android.

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