Youtube is Not Capable of Counting the Views on Psy’s Gangnam Style

Unless you have been licking so far down the arctic where the internet has not even been heard of, there is absolutely no way you do not know about Psy’s super hit video called, ‘The Gangnam Style’. The famous Youtube video went viral in 2012, as Psy made the cross handed dance move an absolute rage, to the point that even the famous cricketers and footballers would use the step to celebrate their joyful moments.


However, in making the video viral, Psy has actually gone on and broken the internet, as Youtube has come out and said that thanks to the hits, which is basically a view, for the video, the algorithm of Youtube is no more capable of accurately counting the views. The reason behind this is that, Youtube can count up to 32 bit integer and the highest one is 2,147,483,647, which has already been reached for the video. According to Youtube, it had never anticipated reaching this kind of a number and has totally been taken aback by the popularity of the video.

The way out of this is that, when you watch the video now, and hover the mouse over the views number, the numbers just shuffle around to give you a feeling that everything here onwards is guesswork and not a calculated figure.

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