Youtube Paid Subscription Service Delayed over Designing Issue

Youtube has been actively exploring the possibility of introducing a paid model, something like Hulu or Netflix have done in the US. Apparently, some of the daily soaps too have already got in touch with Youtube for bringing several shows to the popular video sharing website.


However, despite the news originating a while ago, we have not seen any progress on the same nor have we heard about any concrete release dates or plans of the same. However, Billboard has suggested that there might be some roadblocks that need to be overcome before the service is released sometime in Q2 to Q4 now. This is what the report from Billboard said:

The feeling, according to people familiar with the thinking at YouTube, is that the service should be a more polished product with a clear, differentiated focus that can stand out against its rivals. “They feel that there’s just too much scrutiny of this product, and that they need to get it right out of the gate,” said a senior label executive who declined to be named because the discussions are confidential.

The major issue that is proving to be tough to sort is how to seamlessly integrate the paid service with the free model that is currently going on which is a major design issue.

Via: Billboard

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