Youtube Trend’s Map shows the Most Popular Videos in the US

Youtube is perhaps the best place to spend your free time after a tiring day at work. All the funny and viral videos on the site can be entertaining and a great way to burst the bubble of stress that work inevitably brings. However, it is a bit of a problem if you simply want to see the videos that are most popular at the current time. There is a trends tab on the top that gives you a fair idea which videos you would like to check out but what if you want a little more information?

Youtube Trends Maps

It does seem like Youtube is trying to solve this concern as it has launched a trends map for the United States today. What it does is that simply displays the hottest video in terms of gaining popularity in a particular region. This way you know which video is popular in your region and you can check that out and stay updated. There is no information if this feature would be coming to other countries but we are optimistic.

There is also a small thumbnail strip on the right hand side based on the screenshot which gives a little more information about the video. Although not the neatest UI, we believe this is very much a work in progress and a lot of¬†improvements can be expected in the coming weeks. We will be keeping a keen eye on the progress of Youtube Trend’s map.

Via: TNW

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