YouTubeSocial:Collaborate With Friends While Watching YouTube Video

YouTube is a great site for hosting video and sharing it to friends. But one thing YouTube doesn’t offer is real-time collaboration with friends. You and your friends can’t chat with each other while watching the same video in the YouTube interface.

Socialvision, a company from San Francisco, developed a new social platform for YouTube lovers where they can watch, chat, share, collaborate with friends in real-time. This service is known as YouTubeSocial.


There are two ways for watching videos. First, go to YouTubesocial website and search for your favorite video (click on “Find a video” button). In the search results, click on the play button to play the video. Now share the video with your friends by copying the URL of the video (“copy URL” button is given at the bottom to copy the URL).


Other way is go to and search for your favorite video. Open it. Now add social in the URL between youtube and .com. It means if the YouTube URL looks like then after adding social it  would become


There is a chat box on the right. You can chat with the invited guests in real-time while watching video. Also there is a Facebook connect button to invite friends from Facebook. You can drag and drop friends into the the “Drag friends here” area. Also there is a remote feature which allows you to take remote of entire session. You can pass this remote to any other person in the virtual room.

Check out YouTubeSocial to interact with friends while watching videos.

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