Z-Whatsart For Whatsapp Is An Amazing Addition To Whatsapp For Android

Multi platform messangers such as Whatsapp are in rage these days. The main reason of this being that we have come leaps and bounds from the days of plain simple boring text messages as well as days where everyone had the same S60 platform based device. There are a million choices in the mobile market today with four or five different platforms including iOS, Android, WP7, Blackberry OS all in the offering and boasting something or the other unique about them all. No wonder Whatsappp  has become probably the darling for all of us helping drop instant messages to our friends.

However, at Blogtechnika we aspire to bring you the best in everything, so here is Whatsart, a lovely little add on to your already installed whatsapp application, that lets you draw sketches or paint pictures and send to your friends. If you have seen the commercial of a Samsung Galaxy Note, you would know that painting and drawing is a new way of communicating and whatsart lets you do that just brilliantly. The app is a small app that installs within your whatsapp application and you can access it by clicking the small attachment icon on the top and selecting whatsart from it. The UI is extremely simple and you can choose the background of your drawing, ranging from plain colour to gradient or even a picture from the gallery. You also have a few options regarding the strokes of your drawings and the colour you want to paint from. All and all, its an intuitive application that is extremely easy to use. Infact I really enjoyed using this app and communicating with my friend oer whatsapp just by drawing pictures thanks to the capabilities of the S-Pen on my Galaxy Note.

You too can download thi wonderful application for free from the Google Play Store here.

Did you find this add on to your whatsapp useful? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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