Zynga Set To Bring Draw Something And Words With Friends To Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 is definitely piping up the news time lines. And dare we say for all the good reasons too. However, one thing that has steady gone unnoticed is the fact that the App store for Windows Phone has been growing astronomically. There may not have been lot of big developers but most of the essential applications can be found. If not, they have some very useful substitutes that don’t really let you miss the applications. One thing we are all at Blogtechnika a massive fans of is the Xbox integration in the Windows Phone. The games are arguably better as compared to Android at least even though slightly less popular.

However with the launch of WP8 another great bit of story that was unveiled was that the popular Game Development brand Zynga who have given us a lot of games for the iPhone and iPad are set to bring two of its most popular titles to Windows Phone. Draw Something and Words with friends are all set to arrive on the Windows Phone 8 platform. You must have enjoyed both these games on iphone surely and loved them. Draw something is a fun game that lets you draw figures and make your friends guess what you have drawn and you can also play it over social networking sites like Facebook. On the other hand Words with friends is a rather simple word building game like scrabble. They both are hugely popular and getting them on WP8 is definitely a massive coup for Microsoft at least as far as bringing big developers on board is concerned.

What are your views on these two games and WP8 in general? Do let us know.

Via: Technobuffalo

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